The campfire night

We are a collective of people (artists, cooks, designers, entrepreneurs) working on different projects with the goal to create intergenerational experiences and thus a stronger connection between generations. 

We do this through events and experiences combining storytelling, dinners, workshops, communal cooking, gardening, dancing, singing, sports, arts, books, games and more. The results are shared moments between a group of mixed generations, that build lasting memories and an impact on the wellbeing of all participants. 

Some of our events are in Dutch, some in English.

We are looking for partners that are interested in co-organising these kind of events, or want to bring these experiences into their institutions. Contact us:


The pictures were taken during our first event, The Campfire, an Intergenerational Women Night.

The ingredients : Women of all ages + a spoon of magic & fairytales + an unconventional dinner + playful evening + autumn vibes + the 4 elements + a mission


Designed by : Mejane Bertrand  – Katrin Marx – Natacha Pincemaille Neveu

Intergenerational events