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The messy, uncertain moments when you’re bringing an idea to life will need some creative collaboration to make it work!

As a creative partner my mission is to bring your project to life through an amazing customer experience, beautiful storytelling, great ambiance, a singular graphic identity and a harmony of shapes and colours meant to empower and inspire your business

Innovative ideas, provocations, surprises, and incitations of raw emotion will be key to your success. Create the conditions for creativity by working with me as creative partner, symbiosis and friction will create sparks.


– Events & Parties

– Visual Identities & Illustrations

– Designs & Decors

– Storytellings & Customer Experiences

– Creative Workshops & Trainings

– Innovation Consulting

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I am Méj

Curiosity is the engine that drives creativity.

” I like to make people smile, I love Chinese food, I don’t like when my tea bag stays too long in my mug even if it happens all the time, I love people stories, I like travelling and I am allergic to have nothing to do ”. Méj 

Who doesn’t enjoy a good story? A picture sometimes is worth a 1000 words.

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